2 Columbus Circle is now ready to store your Garage Hardware

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Terracotta rain screen system!  The concept is great. Innovative. But… it does look just like something else.



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Suburban Mall in D.C.

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SECOND FLOOR of a suburban shopping mall near D.C.

fake (fāk)

adj.   Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent.
n.      One that is not authentic or genuine; a sham.

We are sprockets, now we dance like Mies.

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Thank you core77.com.

From the 3rd Floor

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From the 3rd Floor

From the 3rd Floor

Raptors in the City

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26th Ave



POMANDER WALK – “theatrical tudor revival”

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Pomander Walk

Pomander Walk

• Pomander walk is a one of a kind complex of two-family and three-family dwellings along a private, mid-block garden walkway connecting West 94th Street and West 95th Street, directly west of Broadway. It is a quirky survivor of one man’s theatrical vision and can be best described as Theatrical Tudor Revival. The complex was built in 1921-23 by the developer and theater impresario Thomas Healy based on the designs of King and Campbell Architects. The garden walk flanked by picturesque brick, stone and half-timbered houses was designed to mimic the stage sets for Pomander Walk, a wildly popular Broadway Musical of the day. The apartments attracted a number of theatre and film industry residents throughout its history. Notable residents included Rosalind Russell and Paulette Goddard. The Property was designated an individual New York City Landmark in 1982.

Pomander Walk

Pomander Walk

via nyt.com and have2ask.com